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"Double Down" Brand New DEMO!

This naughty little demo has been totally self-produced from our homes! 🏠

Our goal was to write a lyrically motivational song, one of which ended up consisting of our flavoursome fusion-like sound, laden with hot sultry funk, southern rock/blues elements and a pinch of broadway for good measure! Add all that with an overriding workout instructor narrative and you are listening to DOUBLE DOWN - Our new DEMO!

A new banger to add to our collection of tunes, and the first song to be featured on our forthcoming 'Demos Vol. II' album, though you'll have to wait a lil while for that! ;)

If this demo gets plenty of love, likes and comments, it could influence our decision to develop it into a fully-fledged single! So please show the ❤️and let us know what you think!

Fly High!

Superbird 🐥

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