Grab Your FREE Signed CD copy of 'FLY THE NEST'

Guess what?!! We are giving away FREE signed CD copies of our debut EP 'Fly The Nest!'

Find out how to grab yours now by clicking this link!

'Fly The Nest' is the beginning of Superbird exquisitely captured in disc format (and for the first time ever too!) All in a years work, we journeyed back and fourth into the studio to cut these tracks and build them into something truly magnificent! Add three glorious music videos and a subtle ITV 'The Sara Cox Show' re-working of 'Cola Bottle Fizz' (our first ever single) into the mix, a bunch of sell out shows across London, and we would say that these songs are the ones that oh so brilliantly first defined us as the 'Tri-namic trio!'

This magical EP consists of our first six colourful singles from the Phase 1 era! ...We couldn't be prouder!

Track Listing includes:

1. Super Superior 2. Kiss Chasing Stars 3. Cola Bottle Fizz' 4. Big Trouble 5. Think You Got Me 6. Year On String Along

Music (and keys/synths) produced by the absolutely legendary Mitchell J. Ayling at Woods Lodge Studios!

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