'Superbird Demos’ Vol. 1!

Updated: Jan 8

OUT NOW! On Spotify and all other digital music platforms! For the first time ever, we’ll be treating our Superflock to the joyful ability of rocking the funk out to our initial collection of demos on Spotify!

2021 will see us expanding our Superbird scope on all music streaming services and we can’t wait to kick things off with this little 10-track firecracker of an album!

Written over 4 weeks in the Summer of lockdown, we put our collaborative writing forces to the test with a strong desire to create new magic. Seeking our fanbase’s reaction, we teased these little demo’s to the world looking for the ones that stood out most - the ones that have now been taken to the studio to become an official single!

The results have been glorious and Vol. 1 is a celebration of it all! It’s the story of the songs that didn’t quite make the cut, and the journey of the ones that did.

What’s more, ‘Superbird Demos’ Vol. 1 will be showcasing a brand new number “Odds n’ Sods” - a song previously unheard by any other human in planetary existence (and it may just be our best yet!)

Hear for yourself! ;)


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